“Community is much more than belonging to something. It’s about doing something that makes belonging matter.”

Knutsford Together uses the power of community to improve wellbeing and resilience against ‘life’s difficulties.’ We know that there are lots of services and support groups, but it can be tricky to access the help you need when you most need it. We exist to enable everyone in our town to improve their lives by connecting them to that help – we’re a combination of community development and social prescribing. Our online directory is a fantastic resource for self-help or you can get one-to-one advice for more complex needs.

Our Approach

People can be in need for a huge variety of reasons, from circumstances and poor life opportunities to bad luck. Anyone can be faced with ‘life’s difficulties’ such as mental and physical ill health, debt, financial issues, benefits, housing problems, redundancy, loneliness and social isolation. Many people in need have complex issues needing support from multiple organisations – but at present many organisations work in their own “silo” and only provide a specific service. Knutsford Together takes a ‘whole person, whole community’ approach, seeing each individual as a whole human being and connecting them with each of the services they need. We have also created a forum for organisations to connect and communicate with each other, to help them put the individual at the heart of their service and join the dots.

We are grateful to be supported by Cheshire East Council.

We are grateful to be supported by Oliver Valves