Meet Sarah, Our Lovely New Team Member

With a career spanning 25 years, Sarah now brings her considerable skillset to Knutsford Together.  With a wealth of experience encompassing health, disability, and welfare, she prides herself on her passion to make a difference to the lives of others.

Sarah has joined Knutsford Together without hesitation, keen to connect with the Community and Parishes of Knutsford. Sarah Says ‘Actively contributing to finding or giving the right support to others, and observing the potentially life changing impact it can make to an individual, is my pleasure to be a part of’.

Sarah has a Level 4 Counselling Qualification. Her future aspiration is to complete her studies in counselling, to enable her to practise as a fully registered counsellor. This further enhances Sarah’s skills in supporting clients in need.

Sarah lives within Cheshire, in her spare time she enjoys singing with Rock Choir, Scenic Walks and Photography.’

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